Crucial Stages of Application Software Development

Any software is created by several methodologies and programming codes put together. Application software gives life to the machines. But while making use of electrical equipment, we never think much about its internal working process. The software available these days are of two major types.

1. System software: The system software has been designed in a way in which it offers a common interface between the person who is using it and the hardware of the system.

2. Application Software: The application software is programmed in such a way that it is capable enough to assist the person in multi tasking. It assists in bringing solution to different problems, helps to customize ‘n’ number of graphics, texts as well as numbers.

Various types of application software are available in the market including entertainment software, infrastructure software, content management software and many more. There are specifically defined stages for the development of application software. The process of it is mentioned below.

  • Defining the requirement: During this stage, the authorities of the company define the requirements of the client and plan out the design so that the product can be made accordingly. During this stage the budget and the deadlines of the project are also decided.
  • Designing: The designing part is the heart and soul of any software. This is because the smooth working of the software depends on the quality of the design. The software is usually created and developed by the software developers based on the plan which is accepted by the client as well as the organization. There are times when the company hired for the software development fails to integrate the features that have been asked for. In these cases they have to invest in debugging.
  • Testing the software: Testing is important to ensure that the system works smoothly and the programs developed are capable and efficient of working in any situation. During the testing process, the testers manipulate the programs to check if there are any loopholes.
  • Putting the software into practice: When the application software development is done and it is void of any flaws, it is put into practice by the client. Even during this stage, if there are any errors in the system, they can be checked and corrected.
  • Servicing: The firm providing application and software development should also be ready to provide regular servicing and maintenance to the clients whenever necessary. Customer support should also be provided by the hired firm so that the client queries and doubts can be cleared.

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Rules Of Social Media Optimization

Before you can put any of these rules to use, you may want to understand a little more about the differences between social media marketing and social media optimization.

SMM = Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is strategically using the big social sites to spread your brand name or drive traffic back to your web presence.

SMO = Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is adding key elements to your websites or content that make them easy to spread across the big social sites.

Rohit Bhargava Developed Social Media Optimization Rules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

1. Increase your linkability

Linkability is the willingness of other websites or articles to link back to your site. One way to increase your natural Google listing is to increase how many authority sites link to you, so to increase your linkability with social media optimization is to make your site more informative and useful to others. You can do this in many ways; blog, white papers, press releases, keyword targeted articles, RSS feeds, etc. This is the most important step in Social Media Optimization and should be your first priority.

2. Make tagging and bookmarking easy

The act of tagging is to bookmark the website to social bookmarking websites. For example, if you like the content or services provided at a website you tag it. This will show others that you approve of this site and they will check it out, making viral traffic. To include social media optimization tagging on your site, you can add tagging links such as Digg,, Technorati, etc. Also, add the tagging links to other pages in your site (not just the homepage) and when visitors click the tag button make sure that there is a suggestion box to help your visitor list a relevant tag and notes.

3. Reward inbound links

As I mentioned before one way to increase your natural listing with Google using social media optimization is to get more back links. You can do this by rewarding people/websites that link to you (inbound links). Inbound links are links that send people to your site from somewhere else. One way to reward people for linking to your site is to have a “Recently Linked” that lists all of the websites that have linked to you.

4. Help your content travel

Social media optimization focuses on providing useful content to your market. When you publish content such as an article, video, or audio file you must help it reach as many people on the web as possible. You can do this by submitting to relevant high traffic websites. When the word gets out about your great content (no matter what format) you’ll receive backlinks to your site.

5. Encourage the mashup

To mash up is to use two websites content and mash them together. For example, YouTube makes it easy to mash their content (videos) onto your site. In addition, because it is so easy you have added a video to your site that has a YouTube logo on the video as well as a link back to you tube. So to encourage a mashup with social media optimization is to make it easy for other websites to use your content and reference it to drive traffic back to your site.

Jeremiah Owyang Developed Social Media Optimization Rules 6 and 7

6. Be a User Resource, even if it doesn’t help you.

One thing all visitors appreciate is honesty. With social media optimization you should include links to other websites that will help your visitor reach their goal or find the information they want. Do this, even when it doesn’t benefit you. By linking to competitors or information not created by you, you reap the benefits of having the all inclusive information on a particular topic. In the end, more people will link to you because you have lumped all information (or links) on a topic on one location.

7. Reward helpful and valuable users

Valuable users are your best friends. A valuable user can be determined in many ways; they may send traffic to your site, add valuable content to your site, or assist visitors at your site. No matter what their doing, if it benefits you, your site, or your service you need to reward them. This could be by sending a personal message thanking them for their dedication. Other ways to reward your valuable users is to create reward systems, advertise for them or promote their efforts on your homepage.

Cameron Olthuis Developed Social Media Optimization Rules 8, 9, 10, and 11

8. Participate

With Social Media Optimization you can participate by joining on the conversation about your topic (or targeted keyword). Simply posting articles and sharing content isn’t going to keep the buzz going. You should continue to share information on other websites. This participation will share your knowledge with more people. One way to do this is to find people that are blogging on your topic and to give input on the conversation. Also, participate in forums or other social groups that are discussing your topic. Read comments on your articles, videos, and audios and respond to them.

9. Know how to target your audience

Social media marketing is about sharing content/information. Not everyone is interested in your topic, so be sure to do your marketing research and post your information and knowledge where it will be understood and appreciated.

10. Create content

Content is considered to be any form on information that benefits a visitor. Content can be a white paper, article, video, audio, widget, the list goes on. Your job is to find a piece of content that will spark interest in visitors. No matter what market you enter there is always a form of content that they will share with others. Find out what it is and give it to them. This will in turn have them coming back for more useful content. If this happens, then you know that your social media optimization is successful.

11. Be real

Internet users are searching the web for specific content. If you are providing content that links back to a website, be sure that the website is relevant. You will not be rewarded for coaxing a visitor to a site that has nothing to do with the content they just read (or watched depending on the type of content you provided).

Loren Baker developed Social Media Optimization Rules 12 and 13

12. Don’t forget your roots, be humble

It’s easy to let popularity get to your head. When you become the shining star in your market be sure to recognize those that helped you get to the front of the pack. (this ties into #7 a little)

13. Don’t be afraid to try new things, stay fresh.

Any one on the internet knows how quickly things change. Keep up with new media content, new types of websites, and new interests in your market. By staying on top of new information you can maintain top rankings.

Lee Odden developed Social Media Optimization Rules 14, 15 and 16

14. Develop a Social Media Optimization strategy

Social Media serves multiple purposes. You need to identify what your purpose is and then publish content that will promote that purpose. Some purposes for Social Media Optimization include: branding, reputation, charity, increase traffic, build reputation, increase sales, credibility, etc. Make sure that as you develop content that you are publishing and creating with that purpose in mind.

15. Choose your SMO tactics wisely.

Of all the content available on the web only about 10% of people on the web are content creators. The other 90% are consumers and are willing to share your content. Make your content easy to consume and spread. Also be sure to create content that will have the most impact on your original purpose (which could be any of the following: branding, reputation, charity, increase traffic, build reputation, increase sales, credibility, etc).

16. Make Social Media Optimization – SMO part of your process and best practices.

We all know that there are specific Search engine optimization tactics that every website should include. Just as you include keywords in your title tags and keywords in your H1 tag, you should find ways to include social media optimization aspects into the building of your website. This can be small details like including social bookmark tags on your site or encouraging incoming links with the “recently Linked” list I covered in #3.

17. Don’t be afraid to let go of a message or idea and let others own it.

Finally, when you create a movement, spark and idea, or develop a new topic don’t be afraid to let others run with it. Collaboration is key. Others can improve upon your original idea and give you credit for the start. Be sure to give credit where it’s due.

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How The Emergence Of Mobile Apps Can Transform Your Business To A New Level

The transformation of mobile devices has opened up new vistas of seemingly endless opportunities to the world, especially that of mobile apps. The mobile app industry has grown with breathtaking pace in the last couple of years and it could be over $6 billion app development market by the end of this year. In the business world, the development of new apps help people to improve their business quality by performing several tasks by being a part of their business strategy and making them a huge amount of profit. There are many businesses which fail after specific amount of time in spite of having immense potential just because of lacking in many aspects like proper business process, proper selection of technology or management.

The primary opportunity available to business today is mobile-and mobile apps are the heart of engagement with users of all kinds-customers, partners and employees. Mobile is changing the way we work, and provides a tremendous opportunity to the businesses to help them to transform and grow. A consistent rise of smart phone penetration has made it mandatory to all business to take the help of innovative apps to make themselves more visible in front of the customers, easy to find and let the customers know what kind of business they offer. The highly developed mobile apps for gaming, banking, productivity and online shopping and many more are the tools to promote your business in a swift and steady way. The mobile app development industry has revolutionized the global business scenario.

If you think that mobile apps are solely for big name brands, you are mistaken. More and more small and mid- size businesses are following the mobile trend, understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile friendly website.

Benefits of Mobile Apps:

The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile with many organizations shifting day to day business process from paper forms to mobile apps. Companies have started to realize the benefits of using apps for their operations. Here are few benefits it brings into your business

1. Be visible to customers to all times
2. Create a direct marketing channel
3. Provide value to your customers
4. Build brand and recognition
5. Stand out from the competition
6. Cultivate customer loyalty
7. Fast and easy to use
8. Instant enrollment
9. Rich data capture in real time
10. For your business, apps bring speed, volume of information and advertising.

In this modern world more and more of our interaction occurs online on mobile devices. Over 77% of the world’s population is online. This new way of simple access for consumers is catching on with a staggering amount of smart phone owners purchasing goods and services from their phone. So how do you capitalize on this new mobile technology? The answer is very simple: develop a mobile app.

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PS Vita: The Top 10 Must Have Video Games For Sony’s New Generation Portable

The PS Vita highly anticipated launch is here. Some consumers pre-ordered their new handheld or imported it from another country so they would not have to wait until the new generation console’s launch date. Sony has announced there would be 25 games available and another ten shortly thereafter with a 100 more video games to be released after the launch date.

Most gaming enthusiasts have already become familiar with the PS Vita games available for the device since they were able to purchase them early or from another country. Most people understand that the Sony has already stated it has produced a device that is going to offer an unprecedented and exciting gaming experience.

The games will be distributed on a game card or can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Since the PS Vita does not have onboard flash memory, users will need to purchase a separate Sony proprietary memory card to save digital content, network PlayStation apps and games. In fact, without this memory card some games and system apps will not work. Most gamers are purchasing the memory card and games while they wait for the arrival of their new console.

With that in mind, gamers everywhere will want to know which games are worthy of their attention, time and most importantly, their money. Let’s take a look at the most popular and bestselling games that have been suggested for the PS Vita.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Fortune Hunter, Nathan Drake takes on a deadly voyage to Central America, as he seeks to reveal the fate of a Spanish expedition that disappeared 400 years previously by jumping, swinging and cheating death. Users love the game play and graphics, stating that it is fun, challenging and with some cool twists.

Little Deviants this game has been described as not really being a game, but a series of demos that shows users how well the PS Vita performs especially with its alternate control functionality. Little Deviants is about the completion of mini-games while achieving certain point totals. Players unlock in-game medals that unlock new mini-games and more to round out the gaming experience. If you don’t purchase this game outright, it does come part of a PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Limited Bundle, although the cost of the game is added to the price of the console.

wipEout 2048 if you like fast paced games, this is the game for you. This game is described as being all about fast racing. It is the ultimate adrenaline rush, lightning-fast-paced racing with touch, tilt and voice controls.

Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3 the PS Vita version of this game is an update to the game Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This game adds new fighters in eight new stages as well as the largest change that includes the options of using the touchscreen as an input source. In other words, players can fight by just tapping on the screen.

Lumines Electronic Symphony uses its combination of thumping soundtrack and flashy, beautiful imagery to engage you in the game. The core game is being able to arrange two-by-two (or more) squares of the same color, which are wiped away by a “time line” that moves at the tempo of the song playing.

ModNation Racers Road Trip is a kart racing game similar in concept to Little Big Planet. This game allows customization of characters, vehicles and tracks. Players can choose from an assortment of terrain types and use the rear touch pad to modify the environment (tracks). Players will find the gameplay to be fun and responsive.

Everybody’s Golf (aka Hot Shots Golf) is an intuitive, arcade-style, vibrant golf game on some of the most beautiful and colorful courses. This is one of the bestselling games in Japan and is considered a really good golf game. Everybody’s Golf can best be described as a fun-loving, feel good game that constantly rewards players for their efforts. Players earn and lose points for every shot which is more than enough motivation to encourage players to concentrate and absorb themselves in the games.

Escape Plan is an aesthetically pleasing 2-D puzzle that features a stylish, monochrome color scheme with two unique characters, Laarg and Lil. As the title implies, the two have to escape a variety of dangerous rooms filled with assorted challenges and objects making survival the ultimate objective.

Super Stardust Delta is one of the least expensive PS Vita games at $9.99, and it is also one of the popular games suggested as a must have. The game involves a player piloting his ship around a planet while firing weapons in any direction. If you are a fan of the shoot-em-ups and chaotic, fast-paced arcade type shooting games, this is the game for you.

Ridge Racer is a high-octane racing game with stunning graphics and heart-pounding action. Ridge Racer features high-speed action, high-performance racing machines, that creates an edge-of-your-seat type experience.

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